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Welcome to Horn Of Revival Ministry

At HORM, we deliberately and purposefully lift up the name of Jesus in all that we do, so that all men are drawn to Him.


We carry the torch of Revival across the Nations

At HORM, our singular mandate is to stoke the fire of Revival in these last of the last days


We are passionate about Revival

Horn of Revival Ministry (HORM) is a kingdom-centered global outreach ministry focused on taking the message of Revival around the world.


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Taking the message of Revival around the world

The thrust of HORM is to carry the torch of revival to the nations of the world and prepare the church to take her place in God’s end-time movement which will culminate in the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Revival House of Glory International Church (RHOGIC)

RHOGIC is the church plant and local assembly of HORN OF REVIVAL MINISTRY (H.O.R.M). It is an Apostolic house and prophetic company that is geared to Gather, Equip, Activate and Release (G.E.A.R) the saints into the fullness of their Christ ordained destinies, both as the prophesied end-time ARMY OF GOD and the PREPARED BRIDE of Christ.

Global Prophetic Prayer Altar (GPPA)

The Global Prophetic Prayer Altar (GPPA) is an online Prayer Altar hosted by Apostle Goodheart Ekwueme on RHOGIC Radio. This Alter opens Mondays to Fridays at 5:00am (GMT +1), and 12:00pm (GMT +1) for one hour each. Keep a date for a life changing experience.

Horn Of Revival Ministry Bible Academy (HORMBA)

Horn of Revival Bible Academy is an impacting center, providing high-quality global theological education, professional training, and apostolic impaction for God-called men and women to help meet the need for effective leadership in the work of Churches and the marketplace.

Horn of Revival Publishing (HORP)

The publishing arm of the Horn of Revival Ministry is a one-stop independent publishing house that engages purposefully the use of media, and the HORP press to disseminate the gospel and message of revival. It also engages in the publishing of wholesome commercial content for fiction and non-fiction categories and specific genres for individuals and organizations across the globe.

Global Outreach

The Global Outreach of HORM is evangelical and missions oriented. It is the outreach and itinerary dimension of the ministry. Our global outreach objectives are achieved by hosting city and nationwide crusades (like the 12Cities Project) and revival conferences across the globe and by engaging purposefully, the use of media to disseminate the gospel and message of revival.

Winning Today

Raising a new breed without greed is a core intent of HORM, and on the platform of her Winning Today outreach program in higher institutions across Nigeria, young men and women have been reached with the Word of God and the fire of revival.

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Revealing the Sound of Revival to the nations.

We are committed to Jesus Christ, the Bible, and the Great Commission.

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Become a part of something great

We enjoy being a multi-denominational church where we work together, worship together, and grow together.

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